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Sensory Perception

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  • Sensory Diet Cards

    Teach children to regulate their sensory system with these Sensory Diet Cards. The deck contains 60, fully illustrated activity cards divided into five sensory categories: 1) Movement and Balance (vestibular), 2) Movement and Resistance (proprioception), 3) Tactile, 4) Oral-Motor, 5) Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory. Each card front has a colourful illustration presenting the activity to the child, and each card back has directions, helpful hints, and the therapeutic benefits of the activity. In addition, there are 10 teaching cards, a total of 70 (75 x 128 mm) cards Learn More

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  • Sensory Diet Fun Sheets

    This is an essential resource to help support sensory development. These fun sheets can be used with the Diet Cards (T2555) and is excellent for professionals supporting sensory processing & Modulation difficulties in our learners. This tool has various activities included with different difficulty levels to suit all learners and age ranges. There are easy to follow templates for Professional Therapists and a helpful hand out for parents accompanied with a CD-ROM

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  • Massage Seat Cushion

    A seat cushion ideal for sitting on and balancing. The textured surface gives the feel of a massage and children develop balance and co-ordination skills by standing and balancing on it. Textured surface made of a tough plastic. Diameter 33cm. Learn More

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  • Calvin Caterpillar

    Calvin Caterpillar is made from a soft plush material and is ideal for providing a deep, calming pressure for children who are anxious or need help with sensory processing. A shoulder weight can also help children who like fidgeting to sit still. A soft, plain blue cover is included for the older children who might or prefer a plain weight rather than the caterpillar. Machine washable at 30 degrees on a delicate cycle. Size: 73cm length. Weight 2lb Learn More

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