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Dyspraxia & Dysgraphia

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  • Super Sorting Pie

    Use this fabulous fruit pie to practice sorting, counting and fine motor skills as children sort colourful plastic fruit counters by their attributes. Place the sorting cards in the pie base to provide visual cues. Set includes 60 x 4cm fruit counters, 22cm durable plastic pie, removable divider, three double-sided sorting cards, 2 sets of jumbo tweezers and an activity guide.

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  • Tweezer Tongs Colour Sorting Kit

    Practice sorting, fine motor skills and coordination using the tweezer tongs just like a pencil building the muscle control and coordination they need to begin writing! Kit includes:

    • 50 rubber balls in 5 different colours
    • one pair of blue 6” tweezer tongs
    • sorting tray with 5 removable and transparent tubes
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  • Fruit Avalanche

    A fun and skillful game to help fine motor skills. Players spin the spinner then use the Jumbo Tweezers to carefully select one of each fruit to win the game. Also good for vocabulary building and counting practise. Includes:

    • 40 Fruity Fun™ Counters
    • 2 pairs of Jumbo Tweezers
    • Spinner
    • Adjustable cardboard fruit stand. Stand measures 24cm W x 34cm H.
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3 Item(s)

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