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Special Needs

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  • Fruit Avalanche

    A fun and skillful game to help fine motor skills. Players spin the spinner then use the Jumbo Tweezers to carefully select one of each fruit to win the game. Also good for vocabulary building and counting practise. Includes:

    • 40 Fruity Fun™ Counters
    • 2 pairs of Jumbo Tweezers
    • Spinner
    • Adjustable cardboard fruit stand. Stand measures 24cm W x 34cm H.
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  • Talking Tubes Starter Set

    Communication at its most basic level. Older children can be encouraged to think about the science behind the phones sound waves vibrating along the plastic tubes from speaker to listener. Includes two handsets and three metres of strong yellow, flexible Learn More
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  • Inferencing with Verbs Fun Deck

    This highly flexible resource covers six topic areas:

    • Settings
    • Associations
    • Part to whole
    • What happened
    • Feelings
    • Predicting

    Cards in each colour code topic area present a scenario with context clues and a photograph. Children can then select the right answer from a range of three to complete a sentence. 60 double sided cards, presenting 120 scenarios.

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  • Oral Motor Fun Deck

    A set of 52 cards (each 3" x 5") with fun and interesting oral motor exercises to help with tongue and lip muscles. Colourfully illustrated with easy to follow instructions. Learn More
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